M90 Micro Blaster A Powerful 80s Boombox Bluetooth Speaker


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The M90 Boombox Bluetooth Speaker is an Adorably Cool Retro Speaker with Amazingly Realistic Features

M90 Micro Blaster Boombox Bluetooth speakers are accurately reproduced replicas of the superstars of sound from the 1980s.

The “ghetto blaster” is designed to provide rich, balanced stereo sound within your personal space without bothering your neighbors, unlike its invasive predecessors.

M90 Micro Blaster Ghetto Blaster

Telescoping antennas, an articulating handle, a volume control dial, and enough power for up to 20 hours of playback are all included in this fully equipped Bluetooth speaker.

The iconic boombox design of these Big Power blasters is combined with cutting-edge technology, and they are loaded with both vintage and modern functions and accessories.

M90 Micro Blaster Ghetto Blaster

Each boombox comes as a meticulous 1:6 scale replica of the 1980s shoulder-mounted stereo.

Retro features are all combined with a rechargeable battery, dual 6-watt micro speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity so It’s Funky Enough to play your favorite tunes anywhere you go!

Where to Buy the M90 Micro Blaster

Last update was on: August 5, 2022 14:37

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