Magnetic Balls Sculpture Toy Multicolored


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Your imagination is your only limit. Make hundreds of designs with this 216 pc Magnetic Balls Sculpture Toy.  Spend you time being creative or relieve stress, relax your mind, and get you focus back again.  Each ball is 5mm in diameter and comes with instructions and carrying case.  Make geometric shapes, animals, bracelets, or just fidget.

  1. I got these for a 6 year old girl, and she loves them! The magnetic field is so strong around the beads that you can literally hold a large group of the by one bead! They are very colorful. They are small, so be mindful of that if you have small children or pets.

  2. This will be the last time you will ever see it in cube shape! Daughter likes to play with it but it is a blob of magnets now. Sometimes I find a piece here or there in the house but it’s fine cause she likes it. Would be nice if it came with a “base.”

  3. so we have now owned these balls 2 months. 2 months is all it took for my 2 year old to get a hold of these one time and swallow 20 of these magnets. I can’t stress upon you enough how much these magnetic balls are NOT for household who have kids. My daughter had to have surgery to have these removed I will post pictures. We had these put up at all times and never allowed down when the baby(2 year old) was awake. It took ONE time for older children to slip up and her to get to them. Please don’t buy these as they are not a toy.

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