Magnetic Putty Blob


Chuck your plain blah silly putty in the trash!  Magnetic Putty blob brings tons more entertainment.

Just like the old silly putty, Magnetic Putty can be stretched, torn, molded and dropped.  On the flip side, when this putty is exposed to magnetic energy, it exhibits captivating features.

The putty consists of millions of tiny micron sized magnets.  When the included super-strong ceramic magnet gets near the putty, it moves like a snake being mesmerized by a snake charmer.  Lay the ceramic magnet near the magnetic putty blob and the putty will engulf the magnet.

The putty can also be charged to pick up small tacks, paperclips, and other items.   The putty comes in black, silver, blue and pink.

Jay has been a web designer since 2010. He is the Chief Editor at Beyond Box Gifts. When he is not trimming his beard with fire, you can usually find him face first in a burrito bowl.


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