Makita Coffee Machines Are Cordless Portable Coffee Makers For On The Go


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The Makita Coffee Machine is a Portable Coffee Maker that will Get Your Battery Charged in the Morning

The Makita Cordless Coffee Maker gives you fresh cups of coffee wherever life takes you.

Fill your 5-ounce cup of coffee within minutes, whether you are trucking for the long haul, on a construction site, or waking up after a night in nature.

How does the Makita Coffee Maker Work

Makita coffee makers run off of 18v LXT or 12v max CXT batteries.  Slide the cordless coffee maker’s battery guard to the side you choose and insert your battery.

Use the handy carry handle on top to take it to where you need to make your coffee.

Remove the included coffee scoop from the bottom of the water tank lid.  Scoop your coffee grinds and place them in the filter.

You may want to keep the spoon out if you like your coffee with a mud consistency.

Fill the tank up with water and turn it on.  Now just wait a few minutes and your coffee will be piping hot and ready to drink.

Each portable coffee maker comes with a removable water tank, a coffee cup with a lid, and a storeable measuring spoon.  For more information, here is a link to the user manual.

What Pods Does the Makita Coffee Machine Use?

The Makita coffee pot has a permanent drip filter that allows you to pour coffee grinds directly into it.

However, if you prefer using coffee pods on the go, the cordless coffee maker is compatible with 60mm coffee pods.  These pods will run around 15 cents per unit.

If you are looking for a machine to make espresso with little hearts drawn on top, this isn’t for you.

The Makita coffee machines are for rugged, on-the-go individualists that need their java quickly and on demand.

The Makita cordless coffee maker makes a great addition to your tool collection for campers, truckers, or DIY’ers.  You can get it at ACME Tools from the link below.

They even come in handy when you wake up having forgotten to pay the electric bill.

Where to Buy Makita Coffee Machine DCM501Z

Makita Coffee Machine Cordless/Portable
Makita Coffee Machine Cordless/Portable

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