Malone HandiRack™ Inflatable Roof Rack For Cars & SUVs


The best inflatable roof rack for your 2 door car or your SUV to pack your sports gear or luggage.

The HandiRack inflatable roof rack is a multipurpose expandable rooftop rack that secures everything from ladders and furniture to luggage and outdoor equipment.  It straps onto lots of varying vehicles from hatchbacks and 2 door sedans to 4x4 pickups and vans.  No side rails required.  The HandiRack easily installs in minutes.  Inflate the air bladder with the high volume double action hand pump that comes with your purchase.  5 D-Rings are inline between the air bladders of each rack to strap down anything of any shape or size.  The HandiRack inflatable roof rack has a max load capacity of 175 lbs and its 420-denier nylon material ensures durability.  When your done the roof racks fold up into a convenient pull strap bag weighing approximately 6 lbs.

Here is one verified purchasers comments:

"This rack was exactly what I needed to transport my 14' kayak. I have a car without a roof rack and no gutters, so most roof racks would not work for me. I inflated these quickly and easily with the provided pump (which buy the way works great for our inflatable swimming toys such as floats and tubes). Once inflated, these go on the car and get strapped down in just a few minutes, especially after you have done it a couple of times. I did leave them a little deflated because I new my car would be sitting in 95 degree sun and the air inside would expand. They work like a charm ... I couldn't be happier with this purchase..... Who says I need a truck?" - g.donofrio


What other gear do you think this item would help haul?

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