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Mandalorian Helmet Bubba Fett’s Re-Armored Prop Replica


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The Mandalorian Helmet Black Series Prop Replica Commemorates the Live of the Fan-Fav Bubba Fett

The Mandalorian Helmet Replica is inspired by the streaming series The Mandalorian

Now, Star Wars fans can role play with the Re-Armored highly detailed and realistic replica as the only unaltered clone of the famed Jango Fett.

Complete with a flip-down rangefinder with flashing LED lights and illuminated heads-up display fans can place themselves inside the Mandalorian Re-Armored Helmet and image what it felt for Bubba Fett, the galactic bounty hunter, to reclaim his armor.

The full scale Bubba Fett Helmet is a comfortable fit with interior padding, adjustable fit and highly detailed deco. 

At the press of a button, the range finder drops into view activating 2 red LEDs in hunting pattern, in addition to the white LED pattern.

The authentic battered brain bucket is decorated in green, black, silver, and tan and amazingly weathered with some faux rust areas. 

The Re-Armored Mandalorian Helmet embodies the attention to detail and realism true Star Wars fans have expected for a generation.

You can find the armored helmet of the most fearsome and capable bounty hunter below at Entertainment Earth.

Where to Buy The Mandalorian Helmet Replica

Last update was on: November 26, 2022 23:12

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