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Mars Dust Globe Delivers An Alien Encounter To Your Decor

The Mars Dust Globe Adds an Extraterrestrial Accent to Your Home or Office

The winds on planet Mars can reach up to 253 mph gusts.  Now, with one shake of the Mars Dust Globe you can create a Martian dust storm right in your hands.  Luckily for you and the apparent stranded astronauts inside, the winds are at a much lower scale inside the spin off of a traditional snow globe.

When the storm clears on this 3D model of the Mars Planet, there will be no harm done to the surprisingly resilient interplanetary travelers. In clear detail, you will be able to see the planet view of Mars, with intricate landscape of Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons on one side, and an adult astronaut and child space cadet on the other.

The Mars Dust Globe designed by Dan Abramson is an optimistic image of a future of boundless interstellar exploration for alien life forms.

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