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Mars Mission Watch Looks Like It’s From Outer Space


Whether your a fan of space travel or unique fashion and watches, we have found an amazing watch in OVD’s Mars Mission Watch series!

Human’s longtime dream to travel through space to the distant wandering mystery inspired the watches design.   The face of the watch is by far the most ambitious we have seen.  A 3D Mars domed dial, coated with red Swiss luminescent Super-Luminova, jumps out of the center of the dial.

The light absorbing 3D Mars glows like red iron in darkness.  The hour disc rotates under the luminescent Mars while the curved minute hand orbits above.  The illumination highlights the hour disc, while shadowing the minute hand.

NASA’s Orion-MPCV inspired the frustum-like crown etched with scaling grids.  The Sapphire Chrystal dome is reminiscent of the streamlining of a UFO.

Etched along side the watch is a honeycomb design inspired by the Mars Rover Concept Vehicle.  Watch the stargazing eyes of any recipient of this Mars Mission watch!

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Mars Mission Watch
Mars Mission Watch

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