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Marshall Fridge Mini Stack Amp: Ultimate Combo Of Rock and Refrigeration

Chill with a Cold One from the Marshall Fridge After a Long Jam Session!

Based on the legendary JCM800 head, the Marshall Fridge mini stack amp keeps your drinks cold after a hot recording session.  It also makes a great mini fridge with 3.2 for your den, dorm room, or man cave.

If you are looking for more storage and other benefits, we will also compare the Marshall Fridge 4.4 sq foot below.

The Marshall fridge gets cooler by boasting authentic Marshall Amp parts.  It maintains the iconic Marshall design with original black fret cloth, white piping, brass finished face-plate, and white Marshall logo that your band mates have come to recognize immediately.

The extreme attention to detail even goes to the authentic knobs that turn up to 11 “all across the board”, just like Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel wanted!  Marshall themselves supposedly even made a custom amp face plate years ago with dial labels that also went to 1, in response to that bit from This is Spinal.  “Most blokes are gonna be playin’ at ten…where can you go from there…nowhere.”  Now you can go “one louder!”

The Marshall branded compact refrigerator comes complete with blue interior led lights so you can find your drink even when the lights are down.

Marshall Fridge Storage

The Marshall fridge stack amp combo looks and feels like a genuine Marshall amp but opens up to a 3.2 cubic feet of refrigerated storage for beer, wine, soda, or other drinks.  It can fit up to 5 mini cans, 35 small cans, 25 large cans, and 4 bottles of wine.  It can even fit 2 liter bottles.

The adjustable features for maximized storage include reversible door and two glass shelves made of tempered glass.

Although the Marshall refrigerator does not perform as an amp, the Marshall branding can be seen through the genuine Marshall Logos on the on the front and on the interior shelving.  In addition, the Marshall Fridge 4.4 displays an authentic Jimmy Marshall signature on the front.

Check out the Marshall Fridges with freezers below at out of New York, NY.

Where to Buy the Marshall Fridge Mini Stack Amp

Marshall 3.2 cubic Feet (92 Liter) Medium Capacity Bar Fridge, Black
Marshall 3.2 cubic Feet (92 Liter) Medium Capacity Bar Fridge, Black
$369.99 $555.00

Marshall 4.4 cubic ft (126 Liter) High Capacity Bar Fridge, Black
Marshall 4.4 cubic ft (126 Liter) High Capacity Bar Fridge, Black
$479.99 $720.00
*Current pricing at time of post.

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