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Massive Blue Balls Bath Bombs Are A Sack Load Of Laughs


Just Drop Your Sack of Blue Balls and Relax in the Tub

When life’s pressure starts to build up, it’s not good for men’s health, grab a sack of these Massive Blue Balls Bath Bombs and soak with your balls for the slackness you need to recoup.  You will be amazed at the benefits you get from soaking in a tub with your extra large blue balls.

There is no shame in having Blue Balls in the bath, even the manliest men need some time to unwind.   The blue balls bath bombs are handcrafted so your blue balls are uniquely yours and yours alone.   The manufacturer disclaims that your Blue Balls may not look like the ones pictured.

Massive Blue Balls are a welcome gift to any man who loves bath bombs. Brothers, cousins, roommates, friends, husbands, boyfriends can all benefit from having Blue Balls.  Blue Balls make a great stocking stuffer or make a great novelty gift for any occasion.

Where to get Massive Blue Balls Bath Bombs

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