Matrix Code Lamp | A Futuristic Display of Green Digital Rain


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Enlighten Your Space With This Green Desk Lamp Resembling the Matrix Rain Code

The Matrix Code Lamp displays the Matrix Digital Rain, sometimes called green rain.

In the movie, the falling green code represented the activity of The Matrix’s virtual reality world.

Matrix Code Lamp Green Digital Rain

Throughout the series, only a few were able to decipher the ongoing events inside the Matrix by viewing the code on computer monitors.

Now you can view your very own Matrix rain code in any space of your home!

Matrix Code Lamp Green Digital Rain

The futuristic desk/night lamp’s design is inspired by cyberpunk style and neon light warmth, with hieroglyphs raining down each side.

The futuristic lamp is the ideal way to add modern accents to any room in your home.

Matrix Code Lamp Green Digital Rain

The Matrix Rain Code Lamp comes in varying wood options and allows you to control the brightness and color variations of up to 20 of your favorite colors.

The Matrix digital rain lamp’s colors, brightness, and lighting mode are controlled with the included LED remote control.

Matrix Code Lamp Green Digital Rain

The wood-based rectangle frame is available in five color options.

Each one is made per order, providing its own uniqueness and making it a great gift for Matrix fans.

Matrix Code lamps are the perfect geeky gift for any bedroom or game space in your home.

Where to Buy the Matrix Code Lamp

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