MEATER Plus Thermometer A Meat Thermometer With Bluetooth


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MEATER Plus Thermometer Smart Meat Thermometer for Perfect Meat When Your Out of Range

The MEATER Plus Thermometer allows you to step away from the backyard grill using an extended range Bluetooth repeater, the Meater Cloud, and your home network.

You may have a lot of cool grill tools, but chances are you’re not grilling this cool!

You read that correctly! The MEATER Plus smart meat thermometer comes with its own Bluetooth repeater that will give you approximately a 30-foot radius from the probe.

Meater Plus Thermometer Meat Thermometer With Bluetooth

30 Foot Range On Bluetooth And Up To 165 Foot Range Through Wifi Link.

Depending on your WiFi signal, you can easily reach distances of 165 feet using the free Meater Link to your home WiFi.

However, if you can pry an extra phone or tablet from the teenagers, you can extend your monitoring anywhere using the MEATER Cloud.

So take a jog, walk the dog, or run to the corner store to get that seasoning you didn’t know you were out of while monitoring your meat temperature.

How To Use The Meater Thermometer

The Meater Plus durable meat thermometer comes with two built-in temperature sensors that measure the internal meat temperature and the ambient temperature inside your barbecue grill.

The thermometer connects to the bamboo charger built with a Bluetooth repeater, and the charger connects to your mobile device.

Insert the wireless dual temperature thermometer probe into any meat you want to grill.

Meater Plus Thermometer Now Has 5X Longer Wireless Bluetooth Extended Range

All of the electronics are inside the probe, so there is no need for any wires that get tangled or come unplugged from the monitoring unit.

Fire up your grill, open the app, and select the meat you want to grill.

The app will guide you through the cooking process to guarantee savory and consistent results.

It will send custom alerts or notifications based on temperature and or time, so you won’t overdo it.

The Advanced Estimator Algorithm will estimate your cooking time, allowing you to manage the time you need to finish meal prep.

How To Clean The Meater Plus Thermometer

The Meater thermometer probe is designed to be water-resistant.  Run the probe under hot water while scrubbing with the rough side of a sponge using mild dish soap.

You can clean the flat ambient temperature tip with an abrasive sponge to prevent buildup, especially if you are using a smoker where longer cook times are needed.

How to Charge the Meater Plus Thermometer

When you are done using the Meater Plus thermometer, it is advised to keep it on the charger.

One reason for thorough cleaning is to ensure proper charging.  The bamboo storage container has a place to insert a AAA battery in the back.

Insert the Meater Thermometer probe into the slot available, ensuring that good contact is with the charging contacts.

Meater Plus Thermometer Meater App

The charging contact is located on both sides, halfway up the probe and at the ambient tip.

Charging will begin immediately and the charge will last 24 to 48 hours when fully charged.

Whether you are an experienced grill sergeant or have struggled your entire life trying to grill the right way, the Meater Plus smart thermometer will have you grilling like a master.

The Meater Plus smart thermometer is versatile enough to be used in smokers, kamados, ovens, charcoal grills, gas grills, or ovens.

So, no matter where you are or what you are using to get that perfect piece of meat, you can use the Meater Plus Smart Thermometer all year long.

Where to Buy the MEATER Plus Smart Thermometer

Meater Plus With Bluetooth Repeater
MEATER Plus With Bluetooth Repeater
The same awesome smart meat thermometer PLUS extended wireless range!

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