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Meowijuana Catnip Joints | Pre-rolled Monster J’s


Let Your Cat Get High On Your Supply!

Feline in all 50 states can enjoy these these high grade hog leg Meowijuana Catnip Joints without the need of a Medical Meowijuana Card.

Meowijuana joints are filled with hand picked 100% organic Catnip blossoms picked at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production that makes the best Meowijuana Catnibas this side of Tiajuana.

Meowijuana Catnip Joints

Your cat will bogart this gnarly nip and be blazing in no time! They will love that you have become their personal budtender.

To keep the joints cherried, use the included Catnip Cigar Cat Toy and the fun will last much longer.

The doobie delights can be broken to spread the catnip in any area, on any surface, or preserved with the included cat toy.

The catnip Meowijuana makes for great use when your cat suffers from separation anxiety or to just hang with the fellas.

Meowijuana Catnip Joints

If you like to roll your own, buy a jar of Meowijuana Purrple Passion Catnip Buds and re-up any time at

What does Catnip do to Cats

Catnip is a plant that produces an essential oil similar to feline mating hormones. 

When a cat senses this smell in their glands, it can cause them to react instinctively and act hyperactive, relaxed or other varying behaviors.

Meowijuana is for any age, size, or breed of cat.  Not all cats have a reaction, but about 70-80% of cats do.

It is said that even Tigers and Lions are susceptible to a reaction to catnip.  I wouldn’t want to be at that party.

Where to buy the Meowijuana Catnip Joints

Bundle: Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J's Rolled Catnip, King + Catnip Cigar Cat Toy
Bundle: Meowijuana Catnibas Meowy J's Rolled Catnip, King + Catnip Cigar Cat Toy

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