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Gigantic Millennium Falcon Drone The “Fastest Hunk Of Junk” Around


You Won’t Outrun Imperial Starships With The Millennium Falcon Drone XL, but, She Has Got It Where It Counts.

Now you can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs with the remote control flying Star Wars Millennium Falcon Drone!

The Millenium Falcon is the most iconic ship in the entire Star Wars saga and now you can fly it at home.

The Millennium Falcon Drone XL is powered by 4 obscure rotors in the body of the ship.  While under your control it comes to life with authentic lights and sounds while in flight.

If you lose control while in Hyperspace mode, activated on the RC, or take torpedo strikes when your deflector shields go down, all is not lost.

The Millennium Falcon is fabricated with durable high-density foam that withstands even the toughest hits or roughest landings.

The 2.4GHz comms give you up to 250 feet of range.  A barometric pressure height lock system and 6-axis gyro provide plenty of space and control to engage the Imperial enemy craft.

Join the Rebellion from home with the Millenium Falcon Drone XL by Air Hogs.  It’s HUGE! A little over two feet by a little under two feet, but lightweight.

Hans and Chewbacca can easily be seen in the illuminated cockpit, which is also super cool.

Where To Buy The Millennium Falcon Drone XL

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