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Mimosa Plant AKA The Tickle Me Plant Reacts To Touch


Also known as the “tickle me plant,” the Mimosa plant that reacts to touch is the most forgotten unique plant gift.

This shy plant named Mimosa Pudica plant responds to touch by drawing in the leaves and then opening back up.  Grow the tickle me plant from these fresh Mimosa Pudica Non-GMO seeds.  The plant is native to South Central America. It folds its leaves in darkness, as well as touch, and opens in light.

In the UK, it has obtained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.   The “shame plant” grows to 18″ – 24″ in height the flowers bloom to approximately 1/2″ in circumference.  The plant seeds make for a great gift for kids to learn about horticulture. Or, put a little work into growing one for a loved one as a unique gift you have tendered.  The Mimosa plant that reacts to touch will be enjoyed by anyone with a green thumb.

Where to Buy Mimosa Plant Seeds

Here is a helpful review from a verified purchaser:

Great Germination: “I’ve started portions of these seeds twice (once about six months ago, and again two weeks ago – I kept the seeds in the fridge in the meantime) and got a germination rate of about 90%. My seeds germinated in about three days after planting (the trick for quick germination is to place the seeds in a container, pour boiling (yes, boiling) water on top, wait a few minutes, and plant the seeds that sink – this essentially mimics a wildfire).” – Brian Rabe

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