Mini Jumbotron Screen For Man Cave


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Game Day Mini Jumbotron for Home or Office!

The Mini Jumbotron provides a great way for live sports, concerts, and other entertainment events to be enjoyed right from your own home, game room, man cave, bar, or pool hall.

Why pay hundreds of dollars to go to an event in the nose bleeds watching an event from the jumbotron when you can do the same thing in your very own home with family and friends?

Mini Jumbotron Screen For Man Cave

These ceiling-mounted mini jumbotron TV framing systems are designed to fit four 27″ or 32″ TVs with your choice of lighting to backlight your favorite team‘s graphics.

They even have an outdoor design you can mount on a post in your back yard!

Mini Jumbotron Screen

The internal LEDs are dimmable with the included remote.

You’ll get a free graphic design assistant from to customize your very own jumbotron to perfection.

Get your miniature jumbotron mounted and have four angles to watch the game from or have four of the best games playing on game day!

Mini Jumbotron Screen

If you’re a handyman with basic skills and up to the task, you can even buy their Mini Jumbotron DIY plans for just $29.00 for further customization.

Each DIY plan includes step-by-step videos, a complete parts list including purchase links, and a materials list to make the Mini Jumbotron hold both the 27″ and 32″ TVs.

Mini Jumbotron Screen

The How To videos guide you through the build process, even for the quad TV mount, with options to purchase the pre-fabricated Mini Jumbotron frame or how to make one from aluminum tubing.

You will still have access to the free professional design assistance and print store, as well as full access to their questions and answers forum to resolve any specific issues.

According to their website, you may need to add some tools to your collection that can be easily gotten online at Home Depot or Walmart:

Mini Jumbotron Screen

The Big Game is just days away!  Get one on MiniJumbotron’s official website and enjoy your next live event from home!

Where to Buy Mini Jumbotron Screen

Mini Jumbotron Screen
Mini Jumbotron Screen

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