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Miniature Bunk Bed For Dogs and Cats For Your Lazy Furry


LazyBonezz Miniature Bunk Bed for Dogs Provides A Much Deserved Rest Area for Your Furry Family Member

This miniature bunk bed for dogs lets them unwind from a long day.  Let’s face it, if you had to smash your face into a glass window barking at passersby, scratch your butt across the floor every time an itch struck you,  or chase pet fitness robots around the house all day you would be tired too.

Besides this bunk bed for dogs is ridiculously comical and completely adorable.  Just in case you haven’t spoiled them enough this is the perfect bunk bed for pets.  You can get the stylish zebra striped cushions or go with the plain gray.

The bunk bed for pets holds up to a 30 lb pet.  It works for cats too, well some cats.  Lazy cats like our 25 lb Skiddy will love it, however, the pompous snobby ones will surely find something to dislike about it.

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