MiniGrip Grip Booster Is Perfect For Every Day Carry


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You’ll Want to Carry This MiniGrip Key Chain Grip Booster Wherever You Go!

The MiniGrip rubber grip tool is a strap you carry on your key chain that works as a multi-tool opener for jars, bottles, cans, tools, and more.

Each rubber grip is manufactured with a dual surface, high friction design to open all types of containers or to hold your grip on other surfaces.

The rubber jar opener is made of premium food-grade silicone rubber that has no smell and won’t fade, dry rot, or bleed.

Minigrip Grip Booster

The quick-release keyring allows you to rapidly deploy the rubber grip jar opener and place it back when you are done.

The water-resistant rubber silicone prevents slippage when the jar is wet or your hands are sweaty.

To be ready to use it at any time, carry it in your pocket or attach it to your tool pouch, backpack, purse or key chain.

Rubber Jar Opener

The rubber hand grip is a great way to open every sized jar from Mason jars to fingernail polish bottles.

Minigrip Grip Booster

Simply fold the rubber grip pad over the lid and twist.

The dual-sided high-friction surface will exponentially increase your grip and break that hard-to-twist seal.

Grip For Tools

The gripping tool makes an extremely convenient grip for tools, namely, that cordless drill with a fast spinning clutch that wheel.

Minigrip Grip Booster

If you have had enough heat-enhancing friction being transferred to your hands every time you try to secure a drill bit, the rubber grip will secure it without the slip.

Twist Top Bottle Opener

Tired of twisting those sharp bottle caps barehanded or puncturing your T-shirts to get to your cold ones?

Try the MiniGrip!  It can easily handle bottle cap removal without succumbing to damaging results.

Minigrip Grip Booster

In addition to these great benefits, the grips make great stocking stuffers or accessories to promote your brand!

Where to Buy The Rubber Hand Grip

Minigrip Grip Booster
MiniGrip Grip Booster
Choose your favorite color and get gripping!

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