Mistaken Lyrics Coasters Set – Customize Your Own Mixed Tape


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters Set – All the Wrong Words with the Best of Intentions!

The Mistaken Lyrics Coasters Set can bring back memories of cruising the town with your friends belting out the wrong words then fading to an intelligible mumble.

“She was a fax machine, She kept her modem Clean…” nope.  “On a dark desert highway, Cool whip in my hair…” try again.  “Like a virgin, touched for the 31st time…”  STOP!

Mistaken lyrics can be fun or annoying when friends who knows half the words to your favorite song belt them out like they are Luciano Pavarotti, but it can also result in some pretty comical results.

Build your own Mistaken Lyrics Coasters Set as a Mixed Tape with your favorite lyrical slip ups.  Lyrics are engraved on a 4″ cork coaster.  Perfect unique gift for your friend you have shared these moments with.

Can’t think of any funny lyrics?  The Mistaken Lyrics Coasters have plenty of categories to choose from, whether your favorites are from country music, love songs, ladies night jams, and more.  Use our search links below to find your favorite genre.

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