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MIZU Towels Have Amazing Self-Cleaning Anti-Bacterial Properties


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MIZU Towels are One of the Best Ways to Enhance Bathroom Cleanliness.

MIZU towels are made of self-cleaning silver strands that prevent 99.9% of bacteria from adhering to them.

The color of the stripes on the silver-infused towels even changes when they get filthy, letting you know when it’s time to clean them.

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Bath Towel Sizes

Regardless of what bath towel you get, you want to know what sizes are available.  Most use towels to dry off, some to step out of the shower or tub, others to wrap around their hair.

Mizu Towels Anti Bacterial Towels With Silver Microfibers

Here are the MIZU Towel sizes available:

  • MIZU Smart Bath Towel:  27.5″ x 55″ / 70cm x 140cm
  • MIZU Smart Hand Towel:   20″ x 30″ / 50cm x 75cm

MIZU Smart Towels Features & Benefits

MIZU smart towels are created with “soft water,” which has very few impurities and is delicate and gentle to the yarn, as opposed to “hard water,” which is utilized for most towels and contains toxins.

Each MIZU towel is spun with fine cotton native to the Asian region and silver-coated microfibers.

Japanese artisanal methods are used to make these towels, enhancing the high-quality cotton’s inherent softness and increasing its capacity to absorb water.

The MIZU silver-infused bath towels are hyper absorbent and able to hold 5x their weight in water while also being quick-drying antibacterial towels that dry 3x faster.

MIZU towels are specially woven to maximize exposure to the open air so that it easily passes through the towel’s fibers, drying them quickly.

Mizu Towels Features Benefits

Adding to your self-cleaning bath towel’s intelligence are the solvatochromic dye strips that cause the towel to change colors when exposed to oil, bacteria, residual soap, chemicals, fat, and sweat.

The towel stripes will change colors when the towel needs to be washed clean.

Mizu Towels

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What Makes Silver Antibacterial?

Just as werewolves fear silver, bacteria do as well.

Woven silver fibers contain silver ions that have the ability to kill bacteria by invading and infecting the cell walls.  The infected bacterial cell then dies.

But wait!  Although the cell dies, the silver ions remain, maintaining the antibacterial properties.

The infected dead cell acts as an antibacterial force multiplier, killing other bacteria that come in contact with it.

Where to Buy Mizu Towels

Mizue Bath And Hand Towels
Mizue Bath and Hand Towels
The Most Luxurious, Soft, and Anti Bacterial Towels Available. Pricing starts at $25
$25.00 $50.00

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