Mobile Pixels Trio Max Triples Productivity With 14 Inch Screens


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Are You Ready to Triple Your Productivity While Maintaining the Portability of Your Laptop? Mobile Pixels has the Setup For You.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max portable monitor is an easy-to-use laptop screen extender designed to magnetize to the back of any laptop as a solution for working professionals, gamers, financial analysts, business owners, programmers, and students on the go.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Viewing Modes

The Mobile Pixels TRIO Max 14″ triple monitor has four modes that are ideal for ergonomic comfort, increased productivity, and screen sharing.

Mobile Pixels monitors can be attached to your laptop while expanding to either side (or in this case both sides) or you can use them as detached monitors in landscape or portrait mode.

To learn more about how these extremely versatile monitors can be used check out our Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review.

Triple Screen Viewing

Attach two TRIO Max screens for triple the viewing and endless viewing possibilities.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Laptop Monitor

You can view markets, expand your gaming view, produce more spreadsheets, expand coding, or view more resources while studying or writing.

Landscape Viewing

Choose to view your Mobile Pixels TRIO Max portable LCD monitor in landscape mode while attached to your laptop or use the Origami Kickstand to view landscape mode while detached from your computer.

Mobile Pixels Duex Lite Review Detached Landscape

Presentation Mode

When your Mobile Pixels TRIO Max portable monitor for laptops is attached to your computer, you can fully extend it and rotate it to the back of your laptop screen for presentations or meetings.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor Presentation Mode 270 Degrees

Have a bigger meeting with more attendees?  Use the triple monitor set up for 180-degree rotation and give everyone at the table a front-row seat.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor Presentation Mode 180 Degree Rotation

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is perfect for those who love to scroll vertically like on a mobile phone or while you are writing.

Mobile Pixels Trio Max Portable Monitor

The TRIO can be detached from your laptop and, while extended from the case, sat upright for vertical use.

Mobile Pixels TRIO Max 14.1″ Screen Size

The Trio Max mobile screen size is a wide 14 inches and provides a very workable viewing experience for any project or immersive gaming experience for gamers.

Gamers can also attach the monitors to their Nintendo Switch and Android mobile phones with no dock for a plug-and-play triple-screen adventure.

One note here, only one screen can be connected directly to a phone or Nintendo Switch.


If you are concerned about compatibility, don’t be.  The TRIO Max by Mobile Pixels is designed for maximum compatibility with Windows, Mac, Nintendo, and Samsung DEX operating systems.

We even tested the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite on a Linux Laptop and it worked great!

The TRIO laptop screens are designed for laptops 15.6″ and above.

So if you have a smaller screen laptop, maybe the Mobile Pixels Duex Lite or the TRIO laptop monitor for 13-14 inch screens would work better.


The Mobile Pixels laptop screen we tested has amazing image capabilities for its size and displays in 1080p Full HD quality.

The screens are a mere half-inch thick and super light while using 86% of the body for a viewable screen.

Viewing performance was not limited at all when using our laptop.  The only time you will experience a slowdown is if you are performing intensive graphical processing that exceeds the capabilities of your laptop.

Mobile Pixels TRIO Max Driver

For laptops with a Type-C port with a DP signal, no driver installation is necessary, and connecting the monitor directly to your Type-C port is recommended for better performance.

For Laptops with a USB-A port or without a Type-C port with DP Signal, drivers are available for download or you can purchase a two-way directional HDMI/USB Type-C adapter with DisplayLink 1.4 capabilities. 

Purchase Options

There are a plethora of purchase options tailored for any individual computing and portability needs.

You can choose to purchase a Mobile Pixels Trio Max 14 LCD Single Pack monitor for one extra screen or the Mobile Pixels Trio Max 14 LCD 2 pack for triple screen viewing.

They also provide the option of the Mobile Pixels TRIO for smaller laptops of 13-14 inches.

In addition to the monitor options, Mobile pixels also provides a Productivity Bundle that adds an Origami Kickstand and additional laptop magnets.

They also offer a Mobility Bundle that adds a privacy filter, Levstand, mini mouse, foldable keyboard, and a laptop sleeve.

Both bundles have extra items if you purchase more than one monitor.

Where to Buy The Mobile Pixels TRIO Max Portable Monitor

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