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Moen Nebia Shower Head – Twice The Coverage & Half The Water

The Moen Nebia Shower Head Reduces Water Costs While Giving You Two Times the Coverage!

Moen Nebia shower heads provide a powerful shower that feels like you are wrapped in a mist of spa like treatment of water.  It’s the ideal combination of droplet size, spray pattern, and droplet velocity that results in the best thermal performance yet by Moen.

The spray experience is accomplished a pressure regulator, while traditional showers use flow restriction or regulators that can clog due to hard waters.

The adjustable shower head covers a diameter of 20”, twice that of a similarly sized standard 8” shower head.  Adding to the coverage, the Nebia wand not only helps to wash those hard to reach areas, it also adds to the fully immersive experience while not in remote use.

Nebia Shower Head Rinsing Power

The droplets in this immersive spa like shower are smaller and travel faster providing more rinsing power per unit of water than any other shower on the market.  The combination of the Nebia Shower Head and Nebia Wand are 81% more powerful than other atomization showers on the market.

The sliding arm allows you to adjust the height of the shower head.  You can also fine tune your immersive shower moving the sliding arm right to left or tilting the head outward.

Moen Nebia Shower Head Installation

The engineers at Moen worked hard to ensure that the Moen Nebia shower head could be easily installed and compatible anywhere in the world.

Overhead/Wand combo shower systems can cost hundreds if not thousands.  Sometimes, you need to hire a professional to install them or have hundreds of dollars of tools to do so.

The Nebia Shower Head combo system is simple and intuitive to install.  Just click together the features to assure watertight seals without complicated plumbing tools.  So easy a trained monkey would want more of a challenge.

The Moen Nebia Shower Head and wand combo system was built to not only work with the standard North American plumbing setup but, also with the standard European setting of a waist-level water outlet.

Where to Buy the Moen Nebia Shower Head

Nebia Rainshower
Nebia Rainshower
Finish in Your Choice of Nickel, Matte Black, Chrome on White, Chrome on Black. Additional Upgrades Available.
Nebia Rainshower 2.0
Nebia Rainshower 2.0
Finish in Your Choice of Matte Black or Matte Silver

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