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Moft Invisible Laptop Stand Is Easily Adustable & Ultra-Thin


The Ultra Thin Design of the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand Makes it Literally Invisible!

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The Moft invisible laptop stand was conceived and created with the explicit objective of providing peak comfort and utmost convenience.  The Moft portable laptop stand is durable and strong enough to hole up to  19 lbs.  The ultra thin laptop stand is equipped with two elevation adjustments that make it easy to find your ideal height and posture. 

The adjustable laptop stand has a special reusable adhesive securely attaches and detaches from your laptop without residue or scratches.  The laptop then reattaches with the same strength over and over again.  In transport the foldable portion of the laptop stand maintains it's storage position on the the back of your computer with small magnets inserted inside the stand.

The adjustable Moft invisible laptop stand is as light as paper and thin as a coin.  Those who need a mobile work station will soon not be able to do without it.

Benefits of the adjustable laptop stand design

The high setting of the foldable laptop stand improves your sitting posture and the low setting improves your standing posture.  This flexibility prevents pain in your neck and back while you are on your laptop.  The universal Moft invisible laptop stand also has cooling vents to dissipate heat from your laptop while in use.

Here is what some on-the-go workaholics are saying about the portable laptop stand:

"Excellent lightweight and sturdy laptop stand. I use my Macbook Pro a lot for work outside of an office environment and found out that the laptop screen is too low for me to keep a good posture. This laptop stand solved the problem for me. It makes the height of the laptop screen just right for me and is also lightweight and foldable so that it just became part of my laptop. Highly recommend it." - Michelle

"Very easy to use and portable. This laptop stand is very straightforward to put together and use. It gives great support to my Apple Macbook Pro. What I like most about this product is that it's portable. I can carry it anywhere with it attached to the back of my laptop and use it anywhere. Very convenient! The color is great too." - April

Moft Invisible Laptop Stand"
Moft Invisible Laptop Stand"
Moft Invisible Laptop Stand"
Moft Invisible Laptop Stand"


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