Moft Laptop Stand Ultra Thin & Hassle Free Portability


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The Ultra-Thin Design of the Moft Laptop Stand Makes it Literally Invisible!

Moft laptop stands are razor-thin for easy carry and come with a reusable adhesive for multiple devices that won’t leave a mark on your laptop.

The Moft laptop stand was conceived and created with the explicit objective of providing peak comfort and utmost convenience.

The Moft portable laptop stand is durable and strong enough to hold up to  19 lbs and has two elevation adjustments for the perfect height and better posture.

The adjustable laptop stand has a special reusable adhesive securely attaches and detaches from your laptop without residue or scratches.

The laptop then reattaches with the same strength over and over again hundreds of times over.

In transport, the foldable laptop stand maintains it’s storage position on the back of your computer with small magnets inserted inside the stand.

The adjustable Moft invisible laptop stand is as light as paper and thin as a coin.

Those who need a mobile workstation will not be able to do without it.

If you are more of a phone or tablet user, check out our post on the  Moft X for the same versatile design for smaller devices.

Benefits of the adjustable laptop stand design

The high setting of the foldable laptop stand improves your sitting posture and the low setting improves your standing posture. 

This flexibility prevents pain in your neck and back while you are on your laptop. 

The universal Moft laptop stand also has cooling vents to dissipate heat from your laptop while in use.

How to Install the Moft Laptop Stand

Moft could not have made installation any easier.

Simply remove the protective sheet from the adhesive and place the adhesive side on the bottom center of your laptop.

Moft Laptop Stand

That’s it!  Now fold out the Moft laptop stand and you are ready to start computing.

Where to Buy the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand

Moft Invisible Laptop Stand
Moft Invisible Laptop Stand
World's First Invisible Laptop Stand With Space-Fold Design
Starting @ $19.99

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