MOFT Magsafe Wallet The Best 2 In 1 Stand & Wallet For Daily Use


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MOFT Magsafe Wallet is an Affordable Magnetic Snap-On Wallet, Holder, and Stand For Your Mobile Phone!

The new MOFT MagSafe wallet stand uses dual magnets to securely attach to your iPhone 12 series and beyond, expanding on the groundbreaking invention of the famous MOFT X traditional phone stand.

Simply snap it on, stand it up, then fold it back into place thanks to the “invisible” design. Now you have a powerful digital assistant right at your fingertips.

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The MOFT stand quickly and easily folds out into three angles for browsing, streaming, or video conferencing.

Moft Magsafe Wallet Phone Stand

Each MOFT phone wallet secures up to three cards for everyday use.  You can store a credit card, work ID, or driver’s license for immediate access.

Moft Magsafe Wallet The Best 2 In 1 Stand &Amp; Wallet For Daily Use

When you are ready to go hands-free, take advantage of MOFT’s Wall Sticker Pads that can be attached to any flat surface, and turn your phone into a fitness, bathing, or culinary sidekick.

You can buy the pads separately or simply add them to your cart or opt-in for the bundle through our link below.

The powerful dual magnets securely grip your device in equal strength to Apple’s magnetic wallet and are similar in design.

The MOFT Magsafe wallet is compatible with all iPhone 12/13 series including iPhone 12/13 mini, iPhone 12/13, iPhone 12/13 Pro, and iPhone 12/13 Pro Max.

For older iPhones and Android phones, you can get similar functionality by purchasing the original MOFT X Phone Stand and Wallet.

With eleven different color options, you are sure to find the perfect option!

Where to Buy the MOFT Magsafe Wallet & Stand

Moft Snap-On Magsafe Compatible Phone Stand &Amp; Wallet
MOFT Snap-On Magsafe Compatible Phone Stand & Wallet
The Everyday Essential Phone Stand & Wallet

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