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Moft Smart Desk Mat Organizes All Your Productive Digital Needs


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The Moft Smart Desk Mat Keeps You Focused While Maintaining Comfort.

Each Moft Smart Desk Mat is designed to maximize your productivity and preserve your comfort while staying unseen, unfelt, and unnoticed.

The powerful yet practical desktop mat organizes all your magnetic devices and keeps them charged until your work is done.

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Moft Smart Desk Mat Gf

Moft Smart Desk Mats are the coolest and quickest way to organize all of your essentials no farther than your fingertips without a trace of clutter.

With magnetic accessories similar to the Moft Magsafe Wallet, all of your magnetically charged devices will be neatly placed in a snap.

Moft Smart Desk Mat

The digital magnetic set makes multitasking simpler than on a single device by allowing a tablet or phone to be propped up at the side of your laptop.

Another magnetic accessory set holds scripts, notes, and pictures to help you channel your creativity by providing your concepts with a convenient visual representation.

Moft Smart Desk Mat Magnetic Accessories

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You can easily drag and drop files or quickly skim through reference resources.

When you’re ready to work, lift the Moft smart mat to any one of multiple angles from 0° to 60° to meet your specific comfort, revealing a multi-screen row of all your devices on one surface.

Moft Smart Desk Mat Slides To Any Angle

The Moft Smart Desk Mat organizes while acting as a laptop stand, tablet stand, display board for meetings, or even a book stand to relax with a good book when the work is done.

Two NFC hotspots are integrated within the mat.

Each may be tailored to individual preferences using a variety of apps, such as to-do lists and concentration tools like Pomodoro.

Moft Smart Desk Mat

The NFC hotspots help you stay on target without letting social media or shopping apps steal your focus, quickly increasing productivity and job performance.

The Moft Smart Desk Mat is made with a magnetically attachable cushion underneath so it can be attached to use as a lap desk.

Moft Smart Desk Mat Lap Desk

Now you can use your laptop while sitting in a tight chair in someone else’s office or move to a couch or bed to relax your mind or body.

The Moft desk mat is convenient to travel with and provides enough surface area for your workstation setup, including a laptop, notebook, and cup of coffee.

With the necessities for work arranged on a single piece of mat, get up, go from the living room to the kitchen, and keep active throughout the day with minimal effort.

Check below for the three purchase options.

Where to Buy the Moft Smart Desk Mat

Smart Desk Mat With Magnetic Paper Kit
Smart Desk Mat with Magnetic Paper Kit
Snap & Organize All Devices
$115.00 $128.00
Smart Desk Mat With Magnetic Paper Kit
Smart Desk Mat with Magnetic Paper Kit
Snap & Organize All Devices
$142.00 $158.00
Smart Desk Mat With Magnetic Paper Kit
Smart Desk Mat with Magnetic Paper Kit
Snap & Organize All Devices
$168.00 $187.00

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