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Moft X Foldable Phone & Tablet Stand Is Virtually Invisible


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If you liked the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand, your going to love the their foldable phone & tablet stand.

The Moft X foldable phone & tablet stand is the latest release of the ergonomic tech accessories by Moft.  The virtually invisible and versatile stand is “unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, and unnoticed when carried.”  Similar to our previous feature, the Moft Invisible Laptop Stand, the multipurpose stand maximizes the same productivity and comfort on a smaller scale.

Did you know, according to scientific research, smartphone users hold their phones vertically 94% of the time?  Neither did I, and quite frankly, what use is that information in day to day life? So, I don’t blame you for not knowing or caring.  But it’s great intel to Moft, as most phone and tablet stands are only good for horizontal use while sitting on a table, desk, or countertop.  So, Moft designed their phone and tablet stands to be useful in either situation, filling this void.

Moft X’s Optimal Phone Design

The Moft X phone stand has a 60° angle, which  is the optimum angle for using your mobile phone.  At this angle, you have the best clarity of your phones contents and it is the most ergonomic angle while interacting with your phone.  With the Moft X phone stand, you can use facial unlock, video chat, speech text, or browse your favorite unique gift ideas with clarity.  Don’t want to be defined or tied to “The Man’s” statistics, no worries, the Moft X phone stand can be used at 60° (portrait) or  40° (landscape) angles.

This innovative support stand also provides support for your Nintendo Switch without blocking the SD slot or ventilation.

When you are done and ready to hit the road, just fold the ultra-thin stand flat slide it in your pocket and it becomes invisible.  But before you go, don’t forget your EDC (everyday carry).  The invisible folding phone stand carries up to three cards like your credit cards, driver’s license or business cards.  Just slide them into the stand prior to folding and your off!

When you are using your phone on the go, the fold out stand makes a for a secure finger grip, wrapping your fingers to prevent drops.  The Moft X works best on phones over 4.7″ with a flat, smooth back surface.

MOFT X Optimal Tablet Stand Design

The same comfortable design is applied to the MOFT X tablet stand.  Whether you need it for a full size tablet or mini tablet, the Moft X adapts to either need.  It can be used in sharing concepts at work or your solo enjoyment while sitting on the sofa or working around the house.  Full and mini tablet stands provide use at 25°/40°/60° adjustable portrait angles or 30°/40°/60° landscape angles.

Pre-ordering the tablet stand will save you 32% off of the retail $24.99 price tag for a total product cost of $17.00.

The Moft X foldable phone & tablet stand makes a great gift for anyone who never wants to be without their social media, tv streaming, or those who are constantly in work mode.  This is a can’t miss unique gift idea for anyone hooked to the grid for any reason.

Where to Buy The Moft X Foldable Phone & Laptop Stands

Visit Moft’s Website:

Moft Phone, Tablet, and Laptop Stands
Moft Phone, Tablet, and Laptop Stands

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