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Mojipic Emoji Car Display Has 1500 Voice Controlled Emojis & More

Mojipic Emoji Car Display Let’s Other Drivers Know How You Feel….Just Think Before You Speak!

But, it’s not just for emojis!  The Mojipic emoji car display can also show your favorite team logo, national flags, and 1500 GIFs.  You can also send messages to other drivers.  Just remember to not shout *#@$”~ at that tailgater unintentionally because your message may be delivered before you think.  In contrast, you can thank the person who just let you over in time for the exit ramp.

Mojipic emoji car displays can display logos of NFL, NHL, NBA, as well as baseball teams, and soccer teams.  You can even display your own art drawn by you in the app in real time!  Voice control is compatible with Hey Siri and OK Google to easily change your display.

If that is not enough, Mojipic can also keep your passengers from asking “Are we there yet?!” with the ability to provide 8-bit games like Tetris and Snake that is controlled from your smartphone app.

Uber, Lyft and other drivers can use the Mojipic emoji car display to easily identify themselves for their customers.  In addition, the dual suction cup digital display can be used by mobile or stationary businesses to message customers or advertise.

Whether you want to whisper sweet nothings to a reckless driver or brighten up your store front or home, this versatile display will make a great addition and cool tech gadget for any geek.

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