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Moose Laptop Office Bag Modular Backpack For Work On The Go


The Moose Laptop Office Bag is the Most Versatile, Multi Functional Laptop Backpack Ever Created.

Moose designs has spent the last 18 months designing this laptop office bag into a completely reinvented backpack / workstation for everyone from professionals, hikers, travelers, commuters, to students.

The Moose anti-theft workstation backpack is a multi functional travel bag that can double as a travel bag, photo equipment bag, work satchel, carry-on, mobile workstation, or rucksack.  It makes the Optimus Prime Transformer look like a lego toy and it is the perfect backpack for everyday use.

The Moose laptop backpack comes in grey or black.  Both versions are durable and waterproof, however, the grey version comes as a slash resistant blend of military grade glass fiber, fine polyester silk, and polymer fabric.  The high quality flexible blend is stronger than carbon fiber & steel.

Workstation Mode

The Moose anti theft workstation backpack easily transforms into a laptop desk.  Just unzip the laptop storage area and drop down a soft base to use your laptop.

Need access to more office equipment?  Two sturdy flaps unfold left and right that store pens, phones, USB Drives, small external drives, or tools.  The phone pocket is touch compatible so you can instantly access your phones features while never removing it from the pocket.

Not all work can be done in the plain view of the public.  Yes, they thought of this too.  Simply snap the flaps to the bag and you now have screen blocking sidewalls on both sides of your laptop and the ability to maintain that privacy in limited spaces.

In addition to the modular benefits, the this compact laptop office bag comes equipped with a USB charger to keep you reachable while in the terminal, during presentations, or in the air.

It is also equipped with a TSA approved lock for security, a hidden water bottle holder, and an instant access retractable key fob as a convenient key holder.

Backpack Mode

As a backpack the Moose laptop backpack maintains plenty of storage for a full day’s schedule of text books and notepads. You can also use additional storage for pens, markers, usb drives, and small architectural or engineering drawing templates.  When it’s time to go to class, remove the backpack straps hidden in a secret pocket, then hop on your scooter, bike, skateboard, or walk to class.

You will never leave have to leave important documents in you dorm room again.  The Moose backpack provides special pockets for RFID documents, ID’s, or passports.

Each storage area has been designed for easy access and clutter free organization.  Inside the large compartment is a hold all bag that conveniently keeps your days supplies readily available.  The water resistant pouch easily stores sunglasses, snacks, or toiletries and attaches to the bag with a strong velcro strip.

Photo Equipment Bag Mode

The Moose laptop office bag has resourceful expansion system in the main storage space allowing you to pack more than you thought you could.

One way to capitalize on that space is with the add-on camera cube that includes extra foam sidewalls with a protection board inside the cube.  The camera cube allows you to store camera, lenses, flashes, batteries, and extra digital storage that is plenty for any photo shoot.

Carry On Mode

Due to the intent of designing this bag for those on the go, they made sure to keep in mind the dimensions.  The Moose travel bag is designed to fit as a personal item bag.  Therefore, no matter where you go on your travels, the contents of your Moose bag can always be with you and readily accessed.

The bag looks small but is efficiently maximized for your storage needs.  In addition, the Moose Designs Backpack has a unique feature, a built in sleeve uniquely designed to slide over the handle of any suitcase on wheels.

The versatile Moose Designs laptop office bag can be carried as a backpack, shoulder bag, or briefcase.  Honestly, there is not one thing we could think of that this bag lacks.  If you are looking for a gift for a college student, working professional, or anyone on the go, this is the bag to have.

It is available on Kickstarter now for pre-order and will be shipped in November of 2019.  The Early Bird special discounts are no longer available but they are offering $40 dollars off during the pre-order.

For other office travel accessories that go great with this laptop office bag, you can check out a previous article we wrote on the Tracpoint Travel Presentation Mouse, a great addition for working in tight spaces and a multi function mouse with a ton of benefits.

Where To Buy The Moose Laptop Workstation Backpack Bag

Moose Laptop Office Bag Modular Backpack
Moose Laptop Office Bag Modular Backpack
$179.00 $249.00

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