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Giant Inflatable Movie Screen For Outdoors With 149″ Screen

This Giant Movie Screen for Outdoors Saves a Trip to the Movie Theater and Puts the Drive-In into Your Own Back Yard!

Turn your backyard into an open air cinema with this inflatable movie screen for outdoors by AirBlown Inflatables.  Enjoy movies with family, neighbors and friends on the massive outdoor projector screen virtually anywhere in your backyard.

The inflatable outdoor movie screen comes equipped with two 80 watt fans that will save on the lungs.  Within seconds your viewing audience will be captivated by the 149″ projector screen.

That is 3X larger than a 50″ big screen.Don’t forget to check out our post on the PIQO Pocket Projector and get plenty of popcorn!Sure you could haul your big screen outside, but, it won’t have the “WOW” factor of this durable projector screen.

The outdoor movie theater is built commercial grade with weather-resistant PVC construction.

Use the movie screen for outdoors near pools, on the grass, or patio.  When your done, leave it outdoors or fold it up in the provided duffel bag for easy storage.

Where to Buy the Airblown Inflatable Movie Screen For Outdoors

AirBlown Inflatables 9 1/2' Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen
AirBlown Inflatables 9 1/2' Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen

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