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Mutrics ARiC Transforms Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality

Mutrics ARiC Proves The Age of Augmented Reality Is Now

Designed by developers for developers, the ARiC is created to help you turn realistic software, mechanics, and the like into reality.

The Mutrics ARiC is a comprehensive, open-source, and all in one AR solution with space age hardware and robust software for the ultimate customizable AR experience.

Mutrics ARiC Overview

ARiC was launched with a relatively simple objective: create an open-source augmented reality device designed for the game development process.

An ingenious idea; one that’s sure to make several heads turn.

Mutrics ARiC Transforms Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality

The Mutrics ARiC’s hardware is comprised of several features, some of which include the following:

  • RBC camera
  • Dual Sony micro-OLED display
  • Dual high dynamic speakers
  • 9 DOF IMU and microphone
  • 3 DOF accelerometer
  • 3 DOF compass
  • 3 DOF gyroscope

When worn, the  Mutrics ARiC feels very much like watching from a 120-inch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080.

It has a 45-degree field-of-view, as well, which aids in creating that “real” 360-degree immersive feeling.

Although made for developers, the Mutrics ARiC can also be used for watching movies and playing mobile games, similar to VR-headsets.

Mutrics ARiC Transforms Your Wildest Dreams Into Reality

The developers greatly reward Kickstarter backers for participating in the project, offering a considerable 57% discount off the final retail price.

Along with the AR glasses themselves, the package comes with a Unity demo app and sample code that detects photos, objects, hand gestures, and IMU data.

How Does It Work?

Full specs and features of Mutrics’ AR glasses system are still not entirely revealed. However, their Kickstarter page offers a reasonable amount of data that allows users and pledgers to get an overall idea of what comes with the ARiC.

At the time of writing, Mutrics claim to have already completed the main hardware of the ARiC.

Once worn, users can control the ARiC’s fabricated environment using AU hand gestures, AI object detection, and AR image target.

These features allow game developers to create their own cyber world.

Mechanical engineers can use the ARiC to manufacture commercial 3D demos of the products they want to create, along with being able to explain the inner workings of their project to others.

Mutrics ARiC Augmented Reality Device

The glasses can be connected to any device that has a USB Type-C port. Once connected, the glasses automatically launch the device’s neuro camera.

If you connect it to your smartphone, you can use the Mutrics ARiC to watch YouTube videos and play games in virtual reality.

Despite the “open source” claim, Mutrics have yet to publish the actual source code.

However, it’s possible that “open source” simply refers to the sample code provided with the earlier mentioned Unity-powered demonstration app. We can only be sure once it’s launched.

Bottom Line

At the time of writing, Mutrics have already achieved their crowdfunding campaign of $10,000. As such, Mutrics will start their shipment to backers in September 2021.

We’re excited to see how Mutrics changes the world of AR and AR development. Till then, take advantage of the early savings.

Where to Buy the Mutrics ARiC AR Device

Mutrics ARiC
Mutrics ARiC
All-in-one AR solution from hardware to software

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