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Mutrics GB-30: Ultra Slim Smart Audio Glasses Are A Gamer’s Must Have


Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses are the First Imersive Bluetooth Smart Glasses Designed Specifically For Gamers!

The Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses were revealed at CES 2020 and were a huge hit among gamers.  The striking design of the Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses is immediately recognizable as the retro classic gaming console.  The smart gamer glasses are lightweight and come with two interchangeable lightweight resin lenses.  Each  anti-blue light transparent lenses protect the eyes of yours and your children’s against the long-term exposure to harmful radiation emitted by any screen.

Mutrics has integrated Bluetooth 5.0 that delivers rich Virtual Audio 5.1 HD sound that allow you to listen and judge distance from footsteps to gun shot locations more precisely in your game.

You don’t have to worry about getting so involved in your game that you miss a call (Well, some of you won’t).  Mutrics GB-30 Smart Glasses allow you to answer a call at the touch of the retro gaming buttons on the side of your frames without missing a beat.  The embedded microphones pick up your voice clearly for the caller or a virtual digital assistance.

The open ear design is a benefit not a hindrance.  It allows you to maintain awareness of your surrounding environment while enjoying rich HD stereo that is enhanced by Noise Canceling assists in clarity of sound as well as voice while you are in call mode.

The Mutrics BB-30 Smart Glasses provide a long play time for music or gaming up to 4 hours on a single charge.  After day’s casual use playing games, listening to music or watching videos, it can be easily recharged via the discreet magnetic PIN underneath the left arm.

At the time of this post, the World’s First Smart Gamer Glasses are being offered on Kickstarter and expected shipping should begin in June of 2020.  You can pledge $99.00, saving $100, to reserve your pair now.

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