NanoLeaf Lights Illuminate In 16 million Colors


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NanoLeaf Lights Work With The Nano Leaf App to Customize Your Personal Light Show Using Octagon, Square, or Triangle Light panels.

NanoLeaf Lights will mesmerize your senses reacting to sight, sound, and touch for a light show that goes beyond compare.

The entertaining light system is connected lights that you can easily plug and play after arranging in your own unique shape.

The smart modular lighting kit comes in square or triangle-shaped modular light panels and has built-in Rhythm technology that allows them to react to real-time music, voice, or touch control in up to 16 million brilliant color shades.

The color-changing and adjustable lighting fit any room or mood.

NanoLeaf Lights Are Easy To Control

Download the NanoLeaf App to pre-load hundreds of varying scenes, with or without a WiFi connection.

Through the Android and iOS compatible apps, there are several ways to create scenes, set schedules, or download/share your scenes with the user community.

To activate the scenes on the NanoLeaf Lights, initiate your customized touch gestures or use voice controls through Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the Nanoleaf App, or IFTTT.

You can add additional modular light panels through the available Nano Leaf Lights square expansion kits or triangle expansion kits.

But, before the party gets started, check out these limited edition black light panels to liven up the party even more!

Where to Buy the NanoLeaf Lights

Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit
NanoLeaf Canvas Smarter Kit
Nanoleaf Rhythm Smarter Kit
NanoLeaf Rhythm Smarter Kit

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