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Napoli Wood Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven By Bertello Is Crazy Clever


The Napoli Wood Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven is the Most Affordable and Pragmatic Pizza Oven on the Market.

The Napoli wood fire outdoor pizza oven has many heat source options.  It is heated with your preference of wood, gas, charcoal, or pellets and it doesn’t stop at pizza’s.  In addition to pizzas, the oven is able to cook meats, fish, veggies, and dessert pizzas.

At a temperature of over 930°, the oven cooks your pizza in just 90 seconds. The end result is a crisp edge, tender pie and perfect crust.  The temperature can be monitored by any infrared thermometer.

It is lightweight and extremely portable for use in any outdoor setting.  The Napoli wood fire pizza oven covers all of your home-style pizzeria needs without need to spend all that extra money on expensive brick ovens!  Being the pizza lover I am and the excellent reviews, the Napoli Wood Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven has to be an editor’s choice!  Mmmmm!

Where to Buy the Napoli Wood Fire Outdoor Pizza Oven by Bertello

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Here is what one “novice pizza maker” had to say about the outdoor pizza oven:

“Novice Pizza Maker Hit it Out the Ballpark With New Napoli Pizza Oven. I read all the product information on this pizza oven, and read all the cautions about burning your first pizza, used 00 pizza flour and was careful to keep the temperature consistent. The Napoli oven was easy to work. I used a combination of coal and wood and threw in a few wood pellets to keep it hot. And then, I threw out all the instructions I read and as a cook, relied on careful watching of the pizza at around 650-700 degrees.

The result was a beautiful pizza with “leopard spots” on the crust and the cheese perfectly melted. I need to learn that less is better, but my first pizza was terrific. It truly was beginner’s luck. I researched a lot of pizza ovens at different price levels, and the Napoli was perfect for what we wanted, and gave us different fuel options of wood, coal, gas (I purchased the converter) and wood pellets. We plan to take it camping with us this summer. I can’t wait to try steaks!” – Christina Kelly

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