Natural Insect Bite Treatment By Vortix


The natural insect bite treatment that takes the sting out.

With the summer fun approaching, so is feeding time for pesky bugs and insects.  The natural insect bite treatment from Vortix can’t stop the feeding frenzy. However, it will remove the sting from bug bites and itchy insect bites.  Children and adults alike get relief from mosquito bites, flies, ants, bees, and wasps by applying heat and vibration to the bite site.  The combination increases blood flow to the wound relieving pain and itching.  The best part is there are no chemicals, drugs, or other harmful synthetics required for use.  Just dry the wound, place it on for a maximum of 45 seconds for each site and be on your way.  You can supplement the bite treatment with other all natural repellents.

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