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Navien Comfort Mate Is An Amazing Water Powered Bed Warmer


The Navien Comfort Mate Water Powered Bed Warmer!

No need to sleep on a potential bon fire electric blanket any more! The Navien Comfort Mate is a water powered bed warmer that is much safer. The Dual Select Temperature Control allows my wife to turn it up to inferno and me to turn it off.

The bed warming mattress topper can even be controlled by the voice guided control console. Want that bed mat warm before you arrive? Use the wireless remote from any room in your home to pre-heat. Just make sure his side is off.

You never have to worry about water leaks.

Navien Comfort Mate water warming mattress topper does not have any hoses to lay on. They engineered this water powered bed warmer with hoseless water circluating technology in the mattress topper.

The water heating unit is small enough to sit on a night stand and connects with a 55″ hose providing more than enough to reach your bed.Navien’s bed warmer can also pack small enough to take on the road for camping or hotel use.

Bed warming mattress toppers area available in twin, queen, and king sizes.

Where to Buy The Navien Comfort Mate Water Powered Bed Warmer

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  1. It is safe and easy to use. I cannot sleep without it !

  2. Love this heating mat!

  3. Well made product. Easy set-up. Quiet. A little pricy but was a good purchase.

  4. This is the best product and the best care for the customers.

  5. It us very comfort n warm.Thickness are that much but water flow is excellent.

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