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Nebulizing Diffuser For Essential Oils Freshens Naturally

Nebulizing Diffusers Offer the Most Effective and Therapeutic Properties of Natural Essential Oils.

This nebulizing diffuser is both unique and powerful and is perfect for individuals as well as offices and homes alike.  Using pressurized air and the decorative fusion of crystal clear glass with a natural wood base.

The ultra quiet nebulizing diffuser with it’s soft glowing light will have you relaxed as it fills your space with your favorite essential oil with a maximum operation time of 3 hours.

In addition to the intermittent spray, the diffuser comes with an adjustment dial to adjust spray amount.

How do Nebulizing Diffusers Work

Nebulizing diffusers work without the need to heat up the essential oils and the addition of water.  These diffusers operate on the Bernoullis principle of fluid dynamics.

When an air current is forced through a small tube the velocity is increased while the pressure at the exit point is reduced.

The air pressure differential causes a suction resulting in the oils to rise upward in the stream of pressurized air and atomizes the oil.

The essential “atoms”, at this point, are emitted through the glass opening.  The unused portion of the oils settles until used again.  This process repeats until the oils have been completely dispersed.

This allows the oils to reach you in their natural, undiluted state for pure therapeutic benefit.  The diffuser provides 5 minutes of spray with 3 minutes of pause time with a 3 hour auto shut off.

Where to Buy the Nebulizing Diffuser

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