Mini Arcade Change Machine USB Hub 6 Port Charger


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Aficionados of the Retro Aesthetic will love the Mini Arcade Change Machine USB Charger by New Wave Toys!

The fully functional USB hub is an intimately detailed arcade change machine of gaming days gone by.

The New Wave Toys change machine replica is fully packed with the technology to charge your modern-day devices.

The mini arcade change machine will charge up to 6 devices at once while adding a nostalgic flavor to your desk or game room decor.

New Wave Toys Mini Change Machine Usb Hub 6 Port Charger

To protect your modern-day devices, the retro mini change machine is fitted with plenty of safety enhancements that include surge protection, Over/Even charge protection, overheating prevention, and more.

Honestly, though, 6-port USB hubs seem to be a dime a dozen these days.

The real value of this mini change machine USB charger is in the fascinating details applied in the design.

Mini Arcade Change Machine Usb Charger

There is a working “Temporarily Out of Service” LED that any old-school gamer will remember dreading.

There was nothing worse than being in a game room and running around frantically with only paper money.

The light is operated by the power button on the back.

Mini Arcade Change Machine Usb Charger 1

The miniature arcade change machine USB hub also comes with golden mini game tokens and optional mini stickers, one of which reads “Insert bill face up, do not fold.”

The details of this retro money changer are period correct, down to the wood paneling of the cabinet.

The Arcade Change Machine USB Charging Station makes for an all-in-one charging station for your retro mini arcade games.

The New Wave Toys change machine has an included 10′ power cord that allows you to display the vintage USB charging hub anywhere in your game room, home, or office.

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