New York Times Birthday Book An Amazing Walk Thru Life


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The New York Times Birthday Book is the Perfect Way to Commemorate a News Junkie’s Birthdate.

These New York Times Birthday Books are distinctly unique personal gifts, hardbound with every front page of the newspaper from the day of birth and every birthday thereafter.

The newspaper birthday book is a personalized collection of the front pages of the New York Times from every year since their birth.

New York Times Birthday Book

Each newspaper birthday gift is personalized with their name and birthdate and bound in a classy library binding.

Ever wonder what historical events have shaped your life or the lives of your loved ones?

This coffee table book contains a vast archive that can inspire a rich and personal reflection of days gone by.

This personalized hardcover book will transport a friend or loved one to the most significant news stories, articles, and images from their birthday each year.

New York Times Birthday Book

The newspaper birthday gift collection is an intriguing glimpse of history seen through the perspective of their big day, whether it’s a historic era in their life or a life-changing number of years.

The New York Times Birthday Book includes memorable world events and politics, and can even include significant sporting events throughout history.

Where to Buy The New York Times Birthday Book

New York Times Birthday Book
New York Times Birthday Book
This perennial favorite starts with The Times front page from the day you were born.

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