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KoKoon NightBuds Bring Deep Sleep Thru Intelligent 4D Audio


Kokoon Nightbuds Combines Immersion Into 4D Audio and Intelligence to Provide a Deeper Sleep and Better Recovery.

Having trouble sleeping?  Nighbuds by Kokoon are sleep sensing comfortably snug earbuds that use a mobile app to provide feedback and coaching to transform your sleep into a health benefit rather than seeming like a wrestling match.

Nightbuds block the mental commotion of thoughts that can wait til the next day or the noisy neighbors on the other side of that thin wall and provide a means to obtain an idealistic peace to relax and fall asleep quickly and deeply.

As you escape your stress, listening to your favorite audio.  The wondrous sounds of the soundscapes through the 4D soundstage specifically optimized for your Kokoon NightBuds.  Plug on your headphones or earbuds and take a listen.

When the sleep sensors detect that you have fallen asleep, the intelligent audio will fade away with you.

NightBuds intelligent noise masking prevents the disturbance of snoring, passing traffic and even help with tinnitus.

But, these comfy Bluetooth Nightbuds aren’t just for sleeping.  They make for great hassle free earbuds all day long where you can take calls, listen to audio, watch videos, or play games, while working out or at home or the office.

Take advantage of the low pricing, while the crowdfunding lasts.

Where to Buy the NighBuds by Kokoon

Nighbuds Smart Earbuds by KoKoon
Nighbuds Smart Earbuds by KoKoon
Experience sleep like never before - intelligent audio to help you improve and enjoy your sleep
$159.00 $279.00

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