Ninjabread Cookie Cutters Bring The Fight To Your Kitchen


With These Ninjabread Cookie Cutters, silent assassins will emerge from your oven!

These stealthy Samurais will add kick to your cookies and dominate your kitchen.  The Ninjabread Cookie Cutters will slice up your gingerbread dough and emerge from your oven victorious.  Then, as silently as they arrived, they will disappear into the night or at least into your stomach.

This kit includes gingerbread cookie mix, royal icing mix, candy beads, a piping bag and four ninja cookie cutters. The package makes 10-12 cookies, but the ninja-shaped cookie cutters can be used again and again for additional ninja fun.

You can also use these Ninjabread Cookie Cutters to make Kung Fu karate ornaments.  Just make a hole in the top prior to baking for your ribbons.

If ninja gingerbread cookies aren’t your thing, check out their Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Cutters On Amazon.

Where to Buy This Ninjabread Cookie Cutters Kit

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