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NIXIEA Nixie Tube Watch A Cool Retro-Radical Timepiece in ’22


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NIXIEA Nixie Tube Watch is a Modern Timekeeper with a Retro Design

The NIXIEA Nixie watch creates a visually attractive wristwatch by fusing current technology with classic Nixie tubes.

Similar to a Nixie tube clock, two magnificent IN-16 Nixie tubes display the time through a cozy display of neon lights.

The nixie watch’s stunning IN-16 Nixie tubes light up to reveal the time, giving history a brilliant new look that projects a classy appearance on your wrist.

Nixiea Nixie Tube Watch

Using the world’s smallest and most stable Nixie tubes, the nixie watches strike a stunning design and give anyone a distinctive look.

How to Read a Nixie Watch

Every time you raise your hand, the watch senses your wrist motions and instantly turns on to show the time.

Nixiea Nixie Tube Watch

The watch employs Qi-Wireless charging making it compatible with the newest available wireless chargers.

The Nixie watches are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day— every day, thanks to their solid and durable high-quality aluminum alloy construction.

These Nixie watches are extremely flexible, durable, and smooth to the touch thanks to the TPU bands.

Nixiea Nixie Tube Watch Bands

The watch’s waterproof rating meets the IP67 standard, so you don’t have to remove it when washing your hands or going outside in the rain.

It has a Sapphire-coated crystal with an anti-scratch surface finish. You’ll find the Nixie watch face to be long-lasting, and crystal clear.

With five color variations to choose from, you will always be in style with the distinguished look of these watches.

What is a Nixie Tube Watch

A Nixie tube watch is made up of glass tubes filled with gas, a wire mesh conductor, and numerous cathodes shaped like numbers.

Nixiea Nixie Tube Watch

When power is turned on, the numbers appear in an orange neon glow.

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Nixie Tube Wrist Watch With A Mix of Modern and History
$99.00 $169.99

Customers should do their research and thoroughly examine & understand the seller’s precise description and production plans before spending their hard-earned cash on a crowdfunding project.

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