Nixon Regulus Watch: Designed By Spec Ops, Tough As A Tank


The Nixon Regulus watch is a mission purpose watch that is as tough as the military special operators that designed it.

When it’s time to ruck up, you need more than your fart sack and Jesus slippers.  The Nixon Regulus watch will go a long way to amping up your tactical gear.  Current and former special operators ensured you have everything you need in this tactical watch.

The shock-absorbant element proof materials survive the most demanding conditions.  When it’s time to go covert, engage the silent mode and adjustable LED backlight digital display.  Whether you are in the desert, woodlands, or the concrete jungle, the Nexus Regulus Watch comes in the perfect color to camouflage in your environment.  The Nexus Regulus men’s tactical watch comes in:

  • Gunmetal Gray
  • Black
  • Camo & Black Trim
  • Multi Camo Tropic
  • Sand
  • Surplus Green

Being a veteran and former law enforcement officer, I love the G-Shock watches and have owned them throughout my career in the desert and on the streets.  This is the first tactical watch I am willing to take a chance on other than my old dependable.

Where to Buy The Nixon Regulus Watch

Nixon Regulus Watch
Nixon Regulus Watch
Nixon Regulus Watch
Nixon Regulus Watch

Here is what one helpful review had to say about the Nixon Regulus Watch:

“Solid Watch! After playing around with the watch and overcoming the initial overwhelming excitement and feeling of getting something new, along with learning something new… I like this watch a lot. It really is simple as described. It has all the main functions you need to be operable in a high optempo environment without feeling like you’ll potentially trip over buttons and multiple screens.

Also when they say durable, they must mean it because this is a solid watch. You can feel the density but it’s still pretty comfortable to wear. The materials are far from cheap. The wristband is great; the tail end of the band is secured and won’t slip out easily as some watches do.

I have a Garmin Vivo Active HR which I like to use on a normal basis for the smart functions but sometimes it just has too much going on, plus the band slips out sometimes.” – Bacchus67

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