Nixon Regulus Watch: Designed By Spec Ops- Tough As A Tank


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The Nixon Regulus watch is a mission-purpose watch that is as tough as the military special operators that designed it.

When it’s time to ruck up, you need more than your fart sack and Jesus slippers.  The Nixon Regulus watch will go a long way towards amping up your tactical gear.

Current and former special operators ensure you have everything you need in this tactical watch.

The shock-absorbent, element-proof materials survive the most demanding conditions.  When it’s time to go covert, engage the silent mode and adjust the LED-backlit digital display.

Whether you are in the desert, woods, or concrete jungle, the Nexus Regulus Watch comes in the perfect color to camouflage in your environment.

Although the below listing is for black, you can also choose from these color options through our Nixon link:

  • Black/Red Trim
  • All Black/Red Display
  • Black/Gray
  • Dark Slate
  • Black MultiCamo
  • Surplus Carbon
  • All Gunmetal

  • Multi Camo
  • Multi-Camo Tropic
  • Black/White/Lime
  • All Sand
  • Surplus Green
  • Clear

Being a veteran and former law enforcement officer, I love the G-Shock watches and have owned them throughout my career in the desert and on the streets.

This is the first tactical watch I was willing to take a chance on other than my old faithful, and it paid off big.

Where to Buy the Nixon Regulus Watch

Nixon Regulus
Nixon Regulus
Developed in conjunction with US Special Forces

Find Online:

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