Nixplay Frame A 10.1 Inch Smart Photo Frame With WIFI


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Nixplay Frames Provide Instant Sharing of Your Photos and Videos With Loved Ones

The Nixplay Frame allows you to privately send photos and video clips to your family’s living rooms, no matter where they are.

Nixplay frames can be positioned in any way you want, whether wall-mounted or tabletop, portrait, or landscape, and your content will automatically rotate.

The adjustable stand allows for multiple viewing angles, and the frame can even be wall-mounted.

Nixplay Frame Multiple Viewing Angles

Regardless of the orientation, the smart photo frame delivers the widest possible angle while maintaining high-resolution reproductions of your photos and videos.

The proprietary AI technology automatically detects people in the center of photographs and aligns them closer to the center for optimal viewing.

Nixplay Frame  Ai Spectre Display And Motion Sensor

A smart sensor wakes up the frame to display your new images while you’re in the room and turns the frame off when you are gone.

You can invite family and friends to contribute to your playlist, which you control, and wait for them to be displayed on your frame.

They can easily share their photos by email or with the Nixplay Mobile app from anywhere in the world.

Nixplay Frame Create Share Playlist And Share

The Nixplay mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.  You can even share them through Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram.

With the Nixplay Frames, you can build a family and friend network and securely share your images and videos privately and securely.

The Nixplay frame will bring a smile to your face when family and friends upload their photos.

Nixplay Frames also make a great gift for older family members who may not be able to accompany you on trips or to important events in your life.

Share your kid’s acting in a play or vacation photos instantly.

Where to Buy the Skylight Frame Wifi Digital Picture Frame

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