No Ragrets Tattoo From We’re The Millers


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Do you live life with No Ragrets? Ya’noamsayin?

Why not put your credo on your body with this No Ragrets Tattoo? At least temporarily.

If your aspirations are as high as the claptrap carny Scotty P from We’re The Millers, then this No Ragrets Tattoo is definitely for you.

This credo will launch you into towering success, such as a motorcycle rider in the Monkey Maze death trap.

If you have already obtained the economic equivalent of a carny, then get this tattoo to impress the parents of the dazzling socialite you wish to court.

Trust us!  It will leave them speechless! You won’t regret it….not one single letter.

What is the No Ragrets Tattoo meaning?

It comedically symbolizes tattoos that are often nothing but regrets, from the regretful names of exes to the faded coloring you won’t learn about until your tattoo artist has long-closed shop.

That awesome 3D shading today can turn into what looks like dried-up, gangrenous, green mold later on in life.  Not always, but, it does happen.

The point of the No Ragrets Tattoo is that things can go wrong, especially if you haven’t taken five minutes to learn how to spell.

So, before you go and get that permanent ink, let’s start out with this temporary train wreck of a tattoo.

The No Ragrets Tattoo measures 7″ by 1.5″ and noticeably displays the result of a tattoo artist that had too many tall boys just minutes before applying it.

You will have a blast watching the reaction of those who have never seen the We’re the Millers movie and will think it is a result of a really bad trip to the tattoo parlor.

The No Ragrets tattoo also makes a great gag gift for anyone who is a fan of comedy, and it also makes a great gift for those White Elephant parties.

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