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Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker Whips The Sweet Fluff From Hard Candies

Who Needs Carnivals and Fairs When you can make Whisk the Sugar Floss Right in Your Home!

The Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker can transform your hard candy to into a yummy cloud of sweetness.  Make your own special blend of cotton candy with a minimum of just two pieces of hard candy.

Who invented The Cotton Candy Machine?

The Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker may have that retro look, but, it looks nothing like the original cotton candy machine invented by a dentist of all people.  Machine-spun cotton candy was first introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair as “Fairy Floss” by Dentist William Morrison and confectioneer John C Wharton.

How Does the Cotton Candy Machine Work?

Add the hard candy of your choice to the heated extractor of the cotton candy machine.  As the cotton candy machine warms up, it will start spinning you candy.  Within seconds, your hard candy will melt and start to spinning into “Fairy Floss.”

Simply use the included plastic cones to wrap the flavorful strands from the removable bowl into a bountiful blurr of sugar for you and the kids to enjoy.

The versatility of the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker lets you make cotton candy from any flavor you want such as rootbeer or fruit flavors.   If you like things a little spicy, use the Toe of Satan Lollipop to turn up the heat.

You can also just go crazy with a combination of any flavor you like!  Crush up the candies for a faster result or you can just save the mess and be patient like the rest of us.

The Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker will make as much sweet or sugar free candy as you like.  Two hard candies makes a  snack size serving.

Where to Buy the Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker

Nostalgia hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker
Nostalgia hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker

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