Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Cooks 4 Hot Dogs & Buns Perfectly


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The Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Cooks 4 Delicious Hot Dogs and Buns at a Time!

Whether your cooking regular sized hot dogs for the kids, or jumbo hot dogs for the adults, the Nostalgia hot dog toaster gets it done quicker by toasting four buns and dogs in one care-free setting.

Personalize Each Toasted Hot Dog to Taste

Use the dial setting on the hot dog cooker and bun warmer to prepare hot dogs according to different preferences.  In our house the kids like 'em warm and I like them looking like petrified wood, while my wife prefers them somewhere in between.

Nostalgia Hot Dog Toaster Safety Features

Even if you accidentally set the dial to the wrong setting, there is an "emergency" stop to instantly shut off the toaster.  When the toasty dogs and crisp buns are done, use the removable hot dog cages and tongs to keep from burning your digits.  The Nostalgia hot dog toaster keeps things simple and almost instant for preparing a delicious quick meal.

The Nostalgia 4 hot dog and bun toaster drip tray helps with easy after use cleaning. It comes in retro red or aqua blue.  Both colors are perfect for that retro 50s diner feel and makes a great kitchen or house warming gift.

Here is what a couple verified hot dog toasters had to say:

"Fun, especially for hungry kuds. Hubby loved it. It also was a hit with young nephews. As others have stated depending on how you like your dogs? 5 minutes is a minimum. If you leave your buns 5 minutes it will be burned. Once you learn your preferences? It's a great little item to have around." - Monkeyshines

"Great Looking and Adjustable Time Cooking. My family loves quality hot dogs. This 4 dog toaster is a bit tight fit for our local packing plant dogs but we use it anyway. Cooking and toasting time can be regulated so if some like a bit of black on their dog, it can be done." - b21cross

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  1. Let’s be real people, this isn’t supposed to be some magic hot dog maker that whips out $10 ballpark style weiners. If you don’t buy this thinking that you will be able serve a magical gourmet meal, then you might not be hugely disappointed. This is, after all, just a toaster that you can fit a hot dog and its bun inside. That’s it. Keeping that in mind, you should automatically assume that homemade or bakery style buns will not fit in here. No, you cannot fit a bratwurst inside this, and I don’t know why you would imagine that you could either. If you focus on the actual facts with this appliance then you will find the following:1. The parts of the bun that touch the metal once inside of the toaster are going to blacken. There is a slit in the metal of the inside part of the bun placement, which is how the inside of the bun toasts. This makes the inside of the bun toasty, but its not going to have toast marks on it. The parts of the bun that will be marked are the parts that touch the inside of that metal; particularly the top part of the bun itself. You can tweak the heat settings to avoid blackening part of the bun, but your overall hot dog cooking will suffer.2. Regular and bun-length hot dogs will work in here, but nothing else. If you throw in your cheese filled hot dogs, you will have a mess on the bottom. It’s not extremely difficult to remove the parts to clean it up, but it does make using this appliance to cook those types of hot dogs a little annoying.3. If you do choose bun-length or Nathan’s hot dogs, you will have to either turn your hot dog upside down after its initial time, or put it in for additional time. If you cook these types of hot dogs on setting 5, you will have a very hot and marked bottom part of the hot dog and a warm unmarked top part. I found that 2 cycles of setting 3 with rotating them in between worked the best. **Only cook the bun during 1 cycle for this method4. The last and most important fact of this appliance is that cooking only one or three hot dogs creates a slight annoyance. Its not that it can’t be done, but the metal inserts for the hot dogs themselves are only balanced while cooking 2 hot dogs at a time. So if you were looking to cook only 1 or 3 hot dogs, one of the hot dogs themselves won’t be balanced and will lean no matter how careful you are. While this doesn’t have a direct effect on the work-ability of the machine, it does have an impact on the part of the leaned hot dog that is touching the metal insert. You will hear sizzling and/or a little smoke while doing this. That part will now cook slightly differently than the rest of the hot dog because of this.Overall, I would rate this a solid 3. The appearance of the appliance is great, but its actual quality is exactly what you would imagine of a cheap pop-up toaster. If you are expecting to use this on a semi-regular basis, I would suggest you just purchase a toaster oven as it would do the exact same thing; plus give you a few more functions that could at least warrant some counter space. If you are getting this for kids as a fun factor, then this does the trick. They would never admit that it tastes worse, because the look of it is appealing enough to claim “the best hot dog ever”. Just don’t expect for you to claim the same and you actually might not mind it.

  2. I love the idea of this product – BUT I’m giving it 1 star because it is doesn’t work properly and nearly set my grandparents’ house on fire. I purchased this two years ago and just found out today that apparently this product actually broke after it caught ON FIRE during it’s THIRD use. My grandparents have been keeping it in their kitchen all this time because they like the way it looks, and were hoping to exchange it. Not sure if this product was just faulty – but to any potential buyers out there, I would steer clear.

  3. Bad Bad Bad I bought this as a gift I don’t Normally write reviews but I have to write one on this Hoping it will help others not to waste there money. It is pretty that is about all that is good about it . It does not Toast the buns it burns the edges that is if you can get them out They stick inside the bun part and you have to tear them apart to get them out I am being nice giving it 1 star WHAT A WASTE OF MY MONEY

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