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Notre Dame De Paris: The History and Legacy Illustrated


Notre Dame de Paris: The History and Legacy of France’s Most Famous Cathedral

The Notre Dame de Paris is a revered monument of layered history, art & science.  Dating back to the 11th century,  it survived two world wars and other catastrophes.  The building has become not just a religious pilgrimage, but a monument for the world to stand in admiration of.  This popular illustrated book records the extraordinary history of the Parisian cathedral. The in depth chronicles this story in photos, historical descriptions, and resources for further reading.  In light of the recent fire, this book will be in high demand and a remembrance of the art, science & history that can never be repeated.

Here is what some verified purchaser's are saying:

"Great book. I ordered to learn more of the history after the fire. I wanted to share it’s importance with my kids. This book was perfect." - Renee L. Stump

"As I watched the news coverage of today's horrific fire, I wanted to buy this book to learn about the cathedral, and to see some of the photos of its most famous artifacts that sadly I won't likely visit in person. What loss." - Luna



Do you know any lesser known facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral?

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