NUNI Tortilla Toaster: 6 Tacos In Less Than One Minute


The NUNI Tortilla Toaster will get Your Tacos to You Faster Than the Drive Through at Taco Bell!

NUNI Tortilla Toaster is what I have needed for decades.  No more heating tortillas up in the microwave or waiting by the stove heating them in a pan.  Simply insert the taco shells into the slots and turn it on the get perfect flour, corn, or wheat tortillas.  Just like your traditional toaster, this amazing little device has several shade settings to get your 6" taco shell perfect for your taste.

It applies heat to both sides of each tortilla and doesn't stick to anything for easy cleaning and care.  When your shells are done, it shuts off automatically.  Then pull the handle and it rotates the hot and crispy shells toward you for easy extraction.  Not in the mood for 6 tacos? It toasts one taco shell as perfect as six!  This handy toaster comes in gray, white, red, and black to match nearly any kitchen color scheme and other appliances. Click the previous color links, or the photos below to choose the color that matches you best.

Here is what one Verified Purchaser had to say:

"This toaster is great! It's So easy to use with no setup.  Toasts every kind of tortilla quick and easy.  If you like to make tacos, this is an essential appliance for your kitchen!" - Chris Henson


What is the most helpful item in your kitchen to cook for the masses?

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