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Nutshell Collapsible Coolers Perfectly Cold Foods For Any Road Trip


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Nutshell Collapsible Coolers are Light, Foldable, and Keep Ice for a Two Day Road Trip

Nutshell collapsible coolers are the ideal cooler to handle any road adventure and then easily fold into a small storage space.

The coolers are made with recycled polyester lined with insulated walls of discarded coconut husks in place of Styrofoam.

Nutshell Collapsible Coolers Cold Foods For Road Trip

The coolers are durable enough to tote 20 quarts of food and drink to any destination with a comfortable carry strap or convenient side handles make it convenient to carry wherever you go.

Nutshell Collapsible Coolers Cold Foods For Road Trip

The foldable cooler packs small enough to store in any closet, garage, or trunk.  When it’s time to use, it quickly pops back up ready to pack.

The Nutshell Cooler has been tested for ice retention and outperformed Coleman, REI Pack-Away, and Yeti coolers.

If you are looking for a lightweight cooler that will perform its duties from the grocery store to the mountains, the Nutshell Cooler is for you.

Where to Buy the Nutshell Collapsible Cooler Box

Nutshell Collapsible Cooler
Nutshell Collapsible Cooler
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$189.00 $249.00

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